To get the best results from your physical training programme, it’s essential to eat a healthy balanced diet. The fastest and most effective changes, in terms of body shape and weight loss, that I’ve seen with clients have been achieved when they’ve combined healthy eating with regular exercise.

“Thanks…… I’m out shopping today buying size 10 dresses! J J J J”
C.B. Bramley

(Client was a size 14/16 prior to my intervention, and she really took on board the healthy eating strategy by cutting back on takeaways and alcohol, and switching to as much freshly prepared food as possible)



However getting the best nutrition is often difficult due to busy work/home life and also a dislike or intolerance to certain foods.

Being a Herbalife Independent Distributor allows me to help my clients get the best nutrition that they can.  Whether it’s for weight loss, weight gain, protein drinks, recovery and sports drinks, snack bars or supplements, Herbalife products can help you.

Herbalife are a Health and Nutrition company and NOT a diet company.  They support a healthy, balanced lifestyle – which includes great eating habits together with regular exercise.

The Herbalife products are not available to buy in shops, and I will give you the support you require to help you achieve your goals and develop healthy eating habits.  Along with weight loss programmes, Herbalife also support weight gain, maintenance and have an excellent sports 24 range.

Please note – Herbalife are a range of products which I offer to any of my customers who may show an interest in them.  I don’t have a hard sell approach, if anyone would like to know more, I am more than happy to show them the products and how they work.

Please visit my online shop to view the products and get more information.

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