I have a medical condition and/or am on medication, can I still exercise?
In such cases I would ask you to get permission from your doctor before undertaking any activity.

Which geographical area do you cover?
I travel approximately within a half  hour range of north Leeds.  This covers Otley, Ilkley, Pool, Guiseley, Bingley, Harewood, Bardsey, Collingham etc and of course all areas within that zone.  I have existing clients in Headingley, Wortley, Pool, Rodley, Horsforth, Linton and Collingham.  Just let me know where you are and I’ll advise you whether I cover your area.

(Rates for any session will increase for my travel time over 15 minutes each way) 

I have an injury, can working with you help me to recover more quickly?
This depends on the nature of the injury.  I’d strongly recommend that you get a professional assessment from your GP or physiotherapist.  Depending on their diagnosis and recommendation we could then work together during your rehabilitation.

How hard and how often do I have to exercise?
The programme I design for you will be tailored to your requirements and very much depends on your exercise goals and the sport or general fitness exercises you are interested in.  The exercises will be progressively challenging to suit your fitness, ability and goals.

I recommend that most people should exercise at least 3 times per week, this could be one session with me plus two on your own, or whatever mix suits your needs and budget.  I try to make the sessions as much fun as possible and will join in with many exercises.  Of course there’s plenty of flexibility too, for example if the weather is bad and we had planned to be outside then we’ll switch to indoors.

I have started “on bike” outdoor one to one training with certain clients, if you wish to improve your cycling performance then this may be a great option for you. 

How much do you charge?
Please click here to see my prices 

I don’t have a lot of space at home, will there be enough to exercise?
If you have enough space to stretch out then that should be enough to exercise.  With most clients we use a lounge or dining room.  Depending on your needs we can also exercise outdoors near your home or in your garden.

What’s involved in a typical session?
As I mention elsewhere, there is no “standard” session, it will be unique for each client.  However your session may involve a progressive warm up with mobility stretches, aerobic and anaerobic bodyweight or other exercises, finished off with a cool down and stretch.  Sessions will last around 1 hour.