The lightest I’ve been for 20 years
S.B, Rodley
Patrick makes my training sessions so enjoyable and keeps me focussed on my goals.
K.D, Lawnswood.
I’ve been working out with Patrick for several years now.  He changes my programme regularly and my fitness levels have improved immensely, I can highly recommend him.
J.W, Adel
Five years ago I was waiting to have knee replacements and, until such time as I was able to have both operations, Patrick kept me fit and mobile, adapting exercises regularly to suit my changing circumstances.  Without Patrick I would have been totally immobile and incapable of doing anything more than get to work and back.  He kept my upper body strength in shape to compensate for the weak knees and my surgeon was pleased with my physical strength prior to both my operations.  Now that I have two new knees I am ready to get all over fit now with Patrick’s help.
B.K, Far Headingley
Feeling very comfortable with your trainer is absolutely essential to make sure you benefit from the sessions to a maximum, and I can certainly say that Patrick always made me feel at ease.  The thorough initial consultation made me feel that I was in safe hands from the start. Patrick always listens to my questions, concerns and goals and continually adapts the exercises to match my goals. Patrick is more than a trainer; he is a coach. He supports you and guides you to ensure you reach your set goals.
V.R, Adel
The best money I’ve ever spent, I feel like a new woman!
C.B, Bramley
Patrick has been helping me stay in shape since 2006.  He motivates and encourages me during our enjoyable weekly workouts.
A.H, Horsforth
I am very grateful to Patrick for motivating me, in two sessions, to set clear, achievable (and achieved!) goals in relation to my main leisure interest of competitive cycling. On further occasions he has been very astute in passing on his tactical expertise which has also made a big difference.
A.C, Horsforth
Patrick is very motivational.  He checks up on your progress and suggests goals to be achieved e.g.  times to aim for in running races etc. Small things like wishing me luck in races and checking up on my times after each race all help with the motivation.  He also ensures routines are changed at regular intervals to suit my needs, so that I do not get bored with the same routine.  He also gives advice on stretching, nutrition and any supplements required in races. Patrick structures and tailors programmes to suit my needs. I am training for a marathon and the work outs are designed with this in mind. He also explains what each exercise is trying to achieve and ensures I perform each  exercise correctly. At the moment we are working on core stability and increasing aerobic capacity.   The workouts with Patrick help to support  my running and I have run three marathons since I started training with him. The workouts are tailored to suit my needs and are mainly progressive and also made fun and enjoyable.  H.B. Pool in Wharfedale
H.B, Pool in Wharfedale

The following testimonial, though quite long, really helps me to show the positive effects of proper training programme

Well! What can I say…….bloody marvellous. I was confident I’d be fit enough for all the rides, but didn’t know how I’d be against everyone else. On the first day we headed into the hills – climbs up to 7-800 metres. Our main climb of the day was to a monastry- 780m. Worked out about a 650m climb over 7-8 kms. We all set off together, but within a few hundred yards we strung out. 3 of us left at the front, so I decided to apply a bit of pressure and see how long I could keep a steady pace- I could hear everyones beathing getting heavier- the talking stopped and after a min or so I was on my own. So I just kept it at that and ended up at the top about 3-4 mins before the next group and 10 mins before the last.  Recovered quickly and went on to repeat on every climb we came to. Day 2  Another climb of 6-700m. Again, kept my pace steady but blitzed everyone. This was having done the same on earlier climbs. All in all, recovery was fantastic. Felt strong and great each day. No soreness in legs.  Conversations were generally of the type “so how much riding are you actually doing?” and ” How come you are so strong when you’ve been riding around the flat lands and on a Turbo????” Above all else, I’m really enjoying the training and it has strengthened my enthusiasm for more over the coming dark months. I feel like I’ve only just started on this journey and already the benefits are plain to see. Can’t wait!
J.C, Collingham